I love to travel, although I have not done a lot of it to this day...... I want too!!

Disneyland Christmas fun December 2015!

This big trips to Ireland and Scotland but we had a lot of small fun family trips... here are some shots from a few... December 2013

 I have a wish list a mile long.  But I will start brief and hope to elaborate more!

RockawayBeach  Nov 2011

 Harvest time on the Palouse in late August 2011.....

Barn House Sale July 2011

 Road trip Aug 2011

 Stone Henge Memorial!!!
Plowman Dairy Farm...

 Colfax WA May 2011

 Rockaway Beach OR June 2011

Ashlee school field trip

Christmas with the family

 Zoo lights

Trip to Bachelor in December

We just got back from a great trip to Eastern WA here are some pages....

Our Summer trip was a road trip to CA! 

We went through the Redwood Forest, and visited the Trees of Mystery, Then off to Sacramento, and San Francisco!  It was long, 1600 miles, but oh the memories!

In Sacramento CA we saw tons of the tourist things, ZOO, Fairytale land, Mini golf courses, Bumper Boats, and great food and memories!
Our anniversary was spent just the two of us in San Fransisco, where we had a great dinner, Giants ball game, and lots and lots of tourist stuff like a tour of the Bay on a boat, we went around Alcatraz and under to Golden Gate Bridge! Awesome!!!
Our other Summer vacation was to Kahneeta!
I cannot leave out the awesome Fair time that we had this year!

Seasaide OR, Spring break... a trip to the beach with Grandma
I was also lucky enough to take a weekend out with the girls to Bend OR and ski Mt Bachelor!


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