Monday, July 16, 2012

country vintage BLUES..

So I have been pinning this weekend and my newest find is the country vintage Blues.... LOVE love blue and  everything country vintage... here is what I have.

 the blue canisters... I WANT them!
 This is a very neat Style and Color!!
 who does not like lanterns?
 These shoes would go with everything!!!
 This is my personal dress find earlier this spring!! ;)
 I want this ONE!!!
 Wow this dresser is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!@!!

                                                                   So vintage CUTE!!!
 I really need this for storage!
Hope you like all my BLUES!!!???!!!!

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  1. I love that vintage-style swimsuit - so cute!

  2. LOVE this collection of blues Ann! and i'm not even typically drawn to blue. but these are all so beautiful! thanks for sharing and linking up!



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