Thursday, February 23, 2012

St Patty Day Decor!! Crafts!

So I am getting into the sunny spring weather (oh so the few minutes we get here is OREGON) and I decided to change up some of my decor to St Patty Day!
 I made up some new pinwheels... Love the green colors!
 my LOVE sign turned out so cute I decided to make a new one for St Patty's Day... you can find the how to here    LOVE SIGN
 Oh and this is my little Leprechaun Shopper... so cute!!

and while I was browsing on Pinterest... I found these....

from this site  St Patrick's Banner how to  this is why I love Pinterest!!
Here is my version of the banners!!

yet another craft day ends...... now time to CLEAN UP... :o(

linking up to TidyMom andToday's Creative Blog

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