Monday, February 20, 2012

Road trip! shots along the way!

I took a road trip this weekend to Eastern Washington... did some junking with my sis-in-law!! fun fun!!
but it was SURE cold... I was glad to see the gorge and get out of the snowy weather!
Here are some shots in the gorge on my way home!

We have also been working on our items for a Vintage Sale Booth... here are some shots... this is just the beginning and take in to account there is MORE and this all needs cleaned up more!


  1. great shots! that's one of the reasons i've enjoyed moving to WA because there is just so many beautiful things around here :)

    btw i'm a new follower and i found you via the Welcome Wednesday blog hop :) feel free to stop by:

  2. WOW its amazing how those mountains look EXACTLY like the ones here! Great shots!

  3. Hello! Following you from Haute Mom's blog hop (I'm the co-hostess this week!) Would love a follow back!

    Those pictures are beautiful! So jealous!


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