Friday, February 3, 2012

photo day 359 ( day 3. February challenge)

Day 3.Hands!

Not sure if I have told you lately but I absolutely love the things that you can do with photos at Picnik and I am SO So sad that the sight is CLOSING :(  I will sure miss it...

In honor of that I had to add in some other photos I took today... the weather was AMAZING... sunny and warm.... spring weather...

 We had to take advantage of the Sunny weather and we all went for an afternoon walk... We even got to chase our shadows down the road :)...


  1. I'm really going to miss Picnik, too! I'm totally bummed. Where do you get the idea for the daily photos?

  2. Every day of such nice weather deserves a celebration like your afternoon walk. I like the shadows on the fence.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I am so bummed that Picnik is closing up shop too. Love the photos on your blog!


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