Monday, August 15, 2011

DIY storage bench!

So I have been needing a little bench to put in my laundry room and entry way for a while now.  I have never been able to find the right size! then I saw this Kids bench, on Ana White's website!

I had to do it, and my hubby of course put his little twist onto too!

My talented husband made TWO in just a couple of hours!  Yeah!
I used spray paint to paint them, it is kind of neat because the wood grain still shows through.....

I am not finished yet.... still want to wash it with a dark brown to make it a little darker and then distress it a little!... So far so good!

Here is the finished look of both in their homes!

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  1. love this!! very simple yet very handy! great work!

  2. Love them! Look great and work great too.

  3. This looks fantastic! I love how the grain and knots of the wood show :) Great job! VIsiting from tip junkie

  4. These are great, very versatile. Can I ask you to consider popping on the blogger gadget of 'Subscribe to POSTS ' please . it would make it so very easy to follow you. Old age does not come alone and my memory isn't what it used to be, not helped by having CFS. it would just be great if your posts just appeared in my e-mail inbox. Many thanks. Oh and if you do add it, could I ask you to let me know , so that I can pop on over to subscribe.TTFN.from Bonnie Sccotland. xx

  5. this is wonderful! do you think you could show how it was made step by step?

  6. There are step by step directions on the link at the top of my post (kids bench) ....

  7. You are awesome. i just bought some new tools and I am on the lookout for a good project. I could totally use this bench by my entryway!I would love for you to come link up at my party this weekend!

  8. Love these!!! They look great and are so practical...



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