Saturday, July 30, 2011

MY Adventure at the Barn House Vintage sale

So... I went to the BaRn House sale today and what do you know the Fancy Farm Girl and her Trailer Chics were there!! 
(Carol Larsen.... this is for you!!!!)

Ok... now that I am over that Gooouuuush of excitement... here is some of the things I saw at the Barn House Sale...

Fresh BBQ and cupcakes!!! Yum!

These were SUCh CUTE clothes!

This is great! Love it!


Love this CHAIR and pillow.....

Cute KITTY.. and little girl ;o)

I want a windmill for my yard... oh yeah!! but this was already SOLD ;(

Such a cute use of the metal feed trough...

A Llama looking SO excited to see us!

I love this arch or harbor... out of old windows... I could do this.....hmmm

Wow I had such a great day... thanks !!!
And as a BONUS there was a Vintage Sale just down the road....SO glad I stopped there too. here are some shots from there......and also Elise and Renee came to the sale with me..... and wow is Elise SOOO Cute!

After this Barn House sale we decided to go down the road to the Vintage Sale and check out some of their neat things ... here they are........
...but first a few shots of a little cutie... Elise....;o)

 Look at that headband ..... that is SWEET.....

 I SO wanted these boots to fit... one size bigger and they were MINE... darn it

 ICE cream in the SUN!!! yum!

Here are some of the things I found..... the pitcher, lavender and the wheel...oh and the place mats.....

Ashlee wanted in on the fun! check out the cute dress!!?
A new frame for an old painting.....
WOW what a great day! thanks all!
Oh and here are some more pictures of what I scored at the sale.... plus How I have been able to use them at home!

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