Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break; Cannon Beach OR

We woke up early and packed the car and headed out for a Day trip to the beach, Cannon Beach OR.
Had to make a coffee stop and gas station stop and there we were on the ROAD....

                      ......just look at the crazy faces hehe....

Over hwy 26 there was traces of Snow! wow! 

Not two hours later we arrived....... first place we head?!!! Ecola Park, and beach access, we hit low tide and want to check out the beach and tide pools!!!...........

After combing the beach and getting a little chilly and (me really tired from carrying Sawyer) we decide we need to head to Mo's for Lunch....chowder, beer, and fish tacos....Yum!!

Now that we are warm, recharged and ready to see more... we head out to hit the road to Astoria, OR.  Love the bridge and the Astoria Column.... oh Yeah!!

Posing at the TOP of the Column....scarrrrrry!!!

made it to the bottom and down the steps and we are off the Grandma's house.... Here we come!!!

This was a long day, but so worth the memories.....
Thanks Em, Donny, Ashlee, was fun....

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  1. fantastic scenery and awesome for relaxation.



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