Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dinner out

We as a family went out to dinner this last friday... it was a memorable time, Sawyer loved the spaghetti and I was in love with my drink!! Take a look-see......


We went to the Claim Jumper in Clackamas... get this, we do not like to wait in long lines and a crowd so we headed there about 4:30pm... to eat about 5.  I call it eating with the blue hairs but Eric likes it.  We had to wait 20 minutes for a table... yikes?!! what is up with that?

Once we got to our table Sawyer was offered a complimentary food plate.. cool!  Eric and I got drinks and so far the dinner was GOOD! :)

I tried there seasonal butternut squash ravioli and it was SO good.  Eric had some forgetable plate.. but it was good.... the plate of the night was Ashlee's not only was she happy with her dinner but Sawyer was So EXSTATIC about it! Spaghetti everywhere!

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