Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bathroom updates

Ok so I started working on a few updates in the kids' bathroom yesterday and wow it turned into a lot more than just painting the walls... I decided to paint the vanity and the light fixtures and add new hardware and just try to update a little bit, although there are still a few things that need to be changed like the counters and the faucets but hey it is a start and I think it is starting to look pretty good.

Here are a few pictures... and you will have to forgive me the starting color of the walls was SO ugly I could not stand to get any pictures of it.  but the new color is GREAT, I got the idea from ... get this... another blog!! yep, it is wood smoke grey by Glidden.  LUV it!!!

Ok the light fixture was brass and I found this great paint that is like the brushed bronze and it even has texture, way COOL! so I did the lights!

 The vanity was oak like this other one that you see here and Yes it too has the need to get rid of tile counter!
 I added a little white paiting and some new hardware... woolllaah!! looks great! like my child proof handles? hehe

 This is a shot of the shower and the new wood smoke grey color on walls and ceiling!!! Luv it!!
 These are some kind of crappy shots of my 70's mirror look! the wall of mirror.... auughhh
I found yet another great idea on my list of blogs for framing the mirror so that it looks brand new!! yeah! I am going to try it!

 Here is my frame made from floor mouldings, it is being glued together with liquid nails, I am going to do a little antiquing to it and liquid nail it to the wall around the mirror, after shots to follow when finished!
What do you think so far?  lots of work.?  oh and I will get shots of the new towel rack that Eric is making also!!

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