Sunday, October 10, 2010

He did it!!! bedroom wall is DONE!

My husband in very talented and I think I am lucky to have him.  There are many projects that I set out to do, but end up short of doing, they would not get done or even started if it was not for his talent.

This weekend, he started the install of the beadboard on the back wall of our master bedroom!  I picked out some white primed panels and informed him of the look that I was going for and then I was dismissed to watch the kids and let him work.

A couple of hours later, it was my turn to go and assess the situation and look.  ABSOLUTLEY wonderful!  It gives a nice clean bright feeling to my calming master room.  I wanted one wall with a little kick, Yes I got it.

Now for some finishing touches, I am going to paint my brown wood/wicker night stands black and get my hubby working on my new farm bed frame.  A distressed black, yes this is starting to come together!

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