Monday, October 4, 2010

15 months check up! Look how far he has come?!! :)

Today was Sawyer's 15 month check up. 

He grew a whole inch since his last appointment and gained 2 pounds! That put him in the 90 percent for his weight and 80 percent for his height! Yeah!

He had to get three shots today, that kills me.  He had to get poked in both legs and his little fae turned red with screams of OUCH when the shots went in. 

Thank goodness for fast recoveries!  He was over it by the time we opened the door to leave the back room! Lolipops make everything better too!

At the last appointment I was worried about Sawyer's development, he was not babbling, talking, walking or eating solid foods. 

The Dr told me not to worry then, he will come around.  In the last month Sawyer has hit alot of milestones.  He started saying " DEeDEe" for dad, "DAIZEEe" for the dog, and "nana" for Mom... I hear a few other words here and there but for the most part that is A LOT more than a month ago.

He started Walking, at first it was 4 steps to here then 5 steps to there, now he is going nonstop.  Next he will be running, oh no! He has absolutely NO FEAR, he craws up on everything, he crawls on the chair and then next he was up on top of the table looking out the window! C...R...A...Z...Y!!

It has been a good day, and until the next appointment we will continue to grow! Yeah baby!

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