Monday, September 13, 2010

morning cup of JOE!

Do you ever feel as though you are missing something?  Your head is hurting,  in need of something?

Glasses and a carton of eggnog (called by its ...Image via Wikipedia
I feel as though I maybe addicted to my sugar free latte.... and then fall comes around and that brings out the EGGNOG latte, OH
my ..... I cannot live without my eggnog!  That is the whole reason I love fall and the holiday season.....other than the presents!  oh I know it is about the getting ,giving right ?
Soy Latte, Caffe Latte - Tom Phat AUD12.90 AUD...Image via Wikipedia
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Bring on the season!  I am so ready!  Weight Watchers here I come again!@!!

Oh that reminds me.... Burgerville will also come out with there pumpkin smoothie!!  Oh yeah! count me in!  I love the PNW and Burgerville......

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