Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Music by Elton John
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I see your teeth flash, Jamaican honey so sweet

Down where Lexington cross 47th Street

She's a big girl, she's standing six foot three

Turning tricks for the dudes in the big city

Island girl

What you wantin' wid de white man's world

Island girl

Black boy want you in his island world

He want to take you from the racket boss

He want to save you but the cause is lost

Island girl, island girl, island girl

Tell me what you wantin' wid de white man's world

She's black as coal but she burn like a fire

And she wrap herself around you like a well worn tire

You feel her nail scratch your back just like a rake

He one more gone, he one more John who make a mistake

After two months of trying to get as many points as I could be it selling products or doing faces and racking up facials and sales and meetings...

I did it!  I set my goal to earn 3500 points and ladies with all your support and help I did it!  I earned my 3800 points total.  Along the way I realized that it is alot of fun to give facials and let ladies try out Marykay products!  It is so amazing to see how it can really help poeple feel great about themselves, including yours truly, ME! :)
My next goal will be to have my first semi-annual open house in November, that way everyone has a chance to try out our products and order in gifts for the holidays, christmas included! Open house dates and invitations to follow soon!!

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