Monday, September 1, 2014


I have been looking for the right picture to hang in my front room since I'm trying to change the colors a little. 
I found this awesome painting on Pinterest
It is the perfect color combo and something that I thought I might be able to do.. The other day I was at Michaels and they had canvas two packs on sale... Viola!!! I will paint my own art for the front room!!
Did it!!! So proud! It turned out amazing!!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Last summer camping trip

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over. This was our last week before the kids start school. I hate to fight all the Labor Day crowds so we did our camp trip before the weekend. Destination: Prineville reservoir.   Lots of sun and water fun to be had!! 
Our view from the campground!!! 
Lots of beach time fun too!! Love the last Sunny☀️☀️Days of summer vacation!!
We had to stop for happy hour drinks at Sonic on the way there. Yum!!
Elyse is getting sooo big!!! Great pic of her and mom!! ;)

This was our seat in the sun!!☺️��☀️
and it is always Great Fun to have some much needed girlfriend time!
I love her face... LOL 

ok...ok...lets start back at the beginning of the trip.  THis camp trip is with my good friend Renee and her two adorable girls Anika and Elyse..

 and for the first half of the trip Ashlee and I!!!
The girls got along really well... It was nice to see!



 and a little POSING for the camera!! :)
 here is our TINY abode.... :)

these next shots are by my girl.... Ashlee!!

 and now its WATER TIME!!! ...SWIMMING galore!!!

 oh and some SNACK breaks!!!

and the last day Sawyer and Eric joined us too!

and that is ALL folks!!

Thanks so much for joining us!..... And now until the next trip!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dahlia festival. ������

Have you ever seen a rainbow of dahlias?? This is amazing!!!

Here are some of the Shots from today!! LOVELY fields of color!

these next shots were snapped by the dahlia viewing barn!...

Be sure to visit!!! :)

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